Who We Are

In 1985, a group of longtime social activists felt the need for a structure to carryout conscientization programmes among the rural poor for their development. Nava Jeevan Trust [NJT], a Non Governmental Voluntary Organization, was born.

Our Vision

A just society where all people (especially women, children and workers) enjoy their rights equally.

NJT believes the primary reason for the present predicament lies in the accumulation of wealth by a group of people in power that controls all socio - economic and political arrangements.


Sensitization, Organization and Empowerment

Main Issues in the Operational Area:

Drop out of children in the schools

Child Labour

Child Trafficking

Child Marriage

Discrimination against girl children

Lack of sufficient care and protection for children

Sexual Harassment among Women Workers

Occupational Health Hazards

High incidence of Dowry

Indebtedness and Bondage

Exploitation of unorganized workers

Practice of Untouchability

Success Factors:


Commitment to Vision, Mission and Strategy

Effective use of traditional media

Pursuance of community based campaigns

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  • Resource cum Training Organisation:

    NJT has established itself as a resource and training organisation in the District taking up issues related to rights of children, women, and workers through networking and collaboration with people’s organisations and other NGOs. NJT is growing into a nodal organisation in the southern region to address larger issues including caste and gender discrimination.

    Our Mission

    Strengthening Community Based Organizations (CBOs), People’s Organizations (POs) and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)


    Community based Approach

    Programmes and Activities:

    Eradication of Child Labour

    Campaign on Protection and Promotion of Child Rights

    Campaign Against Child Trafficking

    Organizing children, women and workers.

    Campaign Against Child Labour

    Formation and strengthening of civil society organizations at Block, District and Sub Regional level.

    Instilling democratic principles

    Development of Palmyrah Workers

    Empowerment of Beedi Rolling Women

    Improving the health of girl children

    Educating women against all forms of violence

    Campaign on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence

    Promoting the concept of self help

    Strengthening PRIs through interfacing with PRI elected representatives

    Highlighting the main issues through the mass media.


    251 villages in the NJT working area declared child labour free.

    16400 child labourers removed from work and reenrolled in formal schools.

    Formation and functioning of 158 Beedi rolling women’s associations and 2 Block level Beedi workers’ federations.

    The Director of NJT is appointed as a Chairman in the Child Welfare Committee of the Dept. of Social Defence, Govt. of Tamil Nadu